BRS Aircraft Recovery System

Toe Brakes left and right

Wing Locker or wing lockers

Propellers-Fiti is included. Optional DUC, Sensenich, MT

Garmin GMC 507 Autopilot module with ADAHRS

B Kool Portable Air from Pilotmall.com 


912 ULS has dual aneroid carburetors and electric starting packs. A stator that produces 18 amps and a 2.43 to 1 gear box. It is water cooled with 50/50 GM Dex Cool and air cooled,

The Rotax 912iS Sport is Fuel Injected with an Electronic Control Unit that meters the fuel and sets the manifold pressure. It provides the spark for the plugs and automatically sets the mixture. It has dual stators for electrical output and produces 100 HP.

The Rotax 914 has dual aneroid carburetors, electric starting pack, and a Turbo charger that can produce Turbo power for 5 minutes at a time…for takeoff and 5 minute climb periods. It uses 93 Oct Auto Gas or 100 LL like all the Rotax engines.

The Rotax 915 has an Electronic Control Unit that controls the mixture and manifold pressure and spark for starting. It has dual stators that provide superior electrical output. When operated in ECO mod the fuel burn is less than 5 GPH. The case is larger than the 915 holding 4 quarts of oil for superior cooling. The pistons have oil injecting orbs to aid in cooling. The oil cooler is larger that the other Rotax engines to assist in heat dissipation. There is a cowl flap fin on the bottom cowl to help force hot air from the engine compartment. The top cowling has a ramp air duct to assist in cooling. The installation includes an intercooler to cool the exhaust air before returning it to the Turbo Charge. The gear box is stronger that the other Rotax engines. This is Rotax’s flagship engine design. The TBO is 1200 hours and will most likely go to 2000 in the neat future.