Single 10 inch Touch Screen with ADS-B in and out included in the base price of a Bristell Light Sport aircraft. Heated Pitot included. Garmin 10 watt Com included. Xm traffic and weather included. We have 5 choices of panels to meet your needs and expectations. You can create your own panel for an additional cost.

Single G3X Touch & IPAD

The Garmin G3X Touch 10 inch Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) (GDU 460) clearly displays all the information you need for safe flying. When combined with the GEA 24 module, engine information, fuel, flaps, trim and other vital data can be displayed on the G3X Touch. All of the items shown below are included in the base price of every Bristell.


GMU22 Magnetometer

GTP 59 Temp Probe

The GSU 25 ADAHRS is level mounted behind and under the seats and provides level horizon data to multiple devices such as dual G3X Touch 10 inch screens.

The GMU 22 Magnetometer keeps the direction information accurate at all times. There is no directional gyro that needs to be set to the compass every 15 minutes.

The GTP 59 air temperature probe provides accurate Outside Air Temperature (OAT), for use in various calculations that are performed by the G3X touch such as True Air Speed.


GTR 20


45R Transponder



GTR 20 Mounted behind and under the seats. Powerfull 10-watt transmitter, 760-channels. Conveniently controlled from the G3X Touch. Auto load frequencies’ directly into the G3X.

The GTX 45R ADS-B Transponder provides Mode S ES ADS- “Out” when paired with the GPS20A GPS receiver. It sends 1090 MHZ ES (Extended Squitter) output at all altitudes world wide. Will show ADS-B Weather on your Ipad as well as the G3X.

The GPS 20A works with the GTX 45 and the GDL 51 to provide the pilot with both ADS-B Weather and Traffic but also faster, more reliable Weather and Traffic from Xm. All new Bristell’s come with complimentary 6 months Xm subscription.


IBBS 12V-3AH battery


GPS 57X for Xm


GEA 24 Engine Indication System